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              Training and developing talent are essential for sustaining corporate development. We are people-oriented and values staff education and training. Our employees are encouraged to pursue their dreams and improve their capabilities to enable both personal and corporate development.

              Based on our development strategies and team-building needs, we have constantly enriched and refined our employee training system. The training curriculum covers corporate values, investment capabilities, leadership and professionalism, basic skills, and ideals and beliefs. Training is delivered through lectures, practical exercises, online programs and exchanges and discussions. Partner institutions include local and foreign universities, professional organizations and industry associations. We also have in-house training courses to crystallize and share knowledge and experience.

              In 2020, CIC developed new training modes and organized 20 training programmes, delivering a total of 110,679 hours of instruction to 7,029 participants of CIC and Central Huijin’s holdings. Online training takes up approximately 76% of all training hours.

              Selected Corporate Training Programs

              • Organizational effectiveness
              • Team building and management
              • Training for young employees
              • Investment capabilities
              • Risk management
              • Corporate governance
              • Professional certification
              • Introductory program
              • Financial and business language training